ABS Pack, Black Belt Black

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ABS Pack, Black Belt Black
AED 49.00
Black Belt Black!

The ninja of all colors. What doesn’t go with black? Put simply, black IS the new black.

Product Description

25 Black Belt Black plastic strands to keep you 3Doodling away!

Great for 3Doodling: tires, a new watch, sunglasses, a fake mobile phone, eyes for that awesome 3Doodled dog you made, or pedals for your 3Doodled bicycle, oh, and the night!

Quotables: To paraphrase Henry Ford “You can have it in any color, as long as it's black.”

ABS Strands are best suited for drawing upwards, freehand structure building, creating bendable art, 3Doodling on paper and then peeling off structures, and welding plastics together.
Your 3Doodler warranty is limited to 3Doodler-approved ABS and PLA strands. The 3Doodler has not been tested with other plastic types or strand widths, which may damage your 3Doodler.